Safety & Security in JNVs


Safety of the children is top priority in JNVs. The following precautionary measures are suggested for immediate action:


  1. Proper hygienic conditions are to be maintained in the dormitories, mess and academic buildings.
  2. Clean drinking water is to be provided to the children.  
  3. Water treatment of drinking water from over head tank/tube well should be ensured. These responsibilities should be given to the Staff Nurse of the Vidyalaya.
  4. In the Vidyalaya mess all the food items should be properly covered to prevent from adulteration.
  5. Hot food should be served to the children as far as possible.
  6. In case of serious illness/accidents the children should be admitted in the hospital without loss of time and the same should be immediately intimated to the parents of the child.
  7. Special diet should be arranged for the sick children as per the recommendations of the Vidyalaya doctor.
  8. Wherever male staff nurse is posted a female staff nurse should be appointed as per the NVS norms on contract basis.
  9. House Masters and Staff Nurse should visit the houses regularly and take care of the sick children.

10.   Toilets in the academic block are to be maintained properly.

11.  All the electrical switches and fan regulators in the dormitories and academic block are to be maintained properly to avoid electrical shocks.

12.  There should not be any naked electrical wires in the dormitories. All such wires are to be replaced immediately from safety point of view.

13.  Six times roll call/attendance of students. Attendance of the students should be taken by the officials concerned scrupulously during the following occasions on all days.

a)     Morning P.T.

b)     Assembly

c)      Class Room

d)     Supervised study

e)     Evening games

f)       Night roll call

Records are to be maintained and the signatures of the official concerned are to be obtained regularly and systematically.

14.  It has been noticed that in many Vidylayas, all periods are not engaged during the class time, especially last two periods are not engaged by the teachers. This is one of the main reasons for indiscipline in Vidylayas.

15.  MOD system is not being followed by many Vidyalayas. It is essential that MASTER ON DUTY should attend all the activities in the Vidyalays from morning 6.00 am to 10.00 p.m. All the observations of the MOD are to be recorded in the MOD report and submitted to the Principal for necessary action.

16.  House Masters & Matrons are not keeping proper watch on the students. However students should be instructed to move in groups of five-six and the responsibility of the safety & security should be given to the team leader.

17.  Girl students should be given directions not to visit the residences of any staff member under any circumstances. If such visit is essential, House Masters/Associate House Masters should accompany them.

18.  If House Master of any particular house is on leave, while sanctioning the leave, the Principal should assign the responsibility to the AHM. If the AHM is also on leave on a particular day, the responsibility is to be given to another teacher who will take care of the house concerned. Specific directions in the form of office orders are to be issued by the Principal. Without making such alternate arrangement, leave should not be sanctioned by the Vidyalaya under any circumstances.

19.  The night roll call is to be taken invariably by the House Master of the house concerned and take the signature of students and the report should go to the Principal duly signed by the House Master around 10.00 p.m. on each day.

20.  Whenever the students move out of the houses to attend classes, studies, games, the doors of the dormitories are to be locked and the keys should be under the custody of House Masters.

21.  If is advisable that all the House Master/ A.H.Ms and MOD to attend morning P.T., games and mess duties compulsorily. The Principal may work out a schedule for this purpose.

22.   Whenever students leave the Vidylaya on their own, the consent of their parents is to be kept on record.

23.   Specific directions are to be given that students of one house should not visit other houses during the night times and sleep in the beds of other children. Recently a few cases of homo sexual behaviour (Sodomy) have come to our knowledge in which junior students are sexually harassed/ abused by senior students of the Vidyalaya. Regarding this, principals & House Masters should exercise great care to avoid such unhealthy and unlawful practices in their houses.

24.   Principal should ensure that House Masters meetings are conducted once in a fortnight in all the JNVs and the minutes of the meetings are to be recorded and preserved for checking by the visiting officers.

25.  After completion of the classes of study periods, the school buildings should be locked on all sides.

26.   Vidyalaya Control Registers must be maintained by all JNVs.

27.  The Safety & Security Committee should go round the campus and identify the security threats of the campus and prepare specific action plan for the safety & security of the students on the campus.

28.  Whatever M & R requirements are related to Safety & Security, the estimates may be sent to RO immediately for necessary approval at RO level/NVS, Hqrs level. 

29.  Adequate precautions are to be taken with regard to the movement of children inside the campus during celebration of festival days.

30.   Teachers should be put on duty to organize the activities as per scheduled plan.

31.  Special care should be taken to see that children do not move, around the hazardous and dangerous points, do not resort to climbing the trees, etc. inside the campus.

32.  No procession should be allowed to move from Vidyalaya out of the campus on the eve of such celebration.

33.  Wherever the immersion of idol etc. is involved during festival, the Principal should ensure that the image/idols are handed over by the students in the campus itself and the Principal shall make arrangement for immersion through outsider/security personnel.